Who We Are


Martin Farley | Director

Raised between France and the US, Martin started down the path of becoming a researcher in his university years, taking him to Canada, the US, and the Netherlands. This path was interrupted though, when he became the UK's first full-time sustainable laboratory specialist at the University of Edinburgh. He moved south to London where he founded Green Lab Associates, while establishing the sustainable labs program at King's College London (where he was recognized with the Green Gown - Sustainability Professional award). Today he consults for a variety of laboratories, while speaking and teaching in between, always on making science and research more sustainable.

Martin is has been recognized in the sector through:
Winner of the EAUC's Sustainability Professional Green Gown award for investigating sample storage temperatures, and starting sustainable lab programs at the University of Edinburgh and King's College London
Contributions to the NUS run Green Impacts Labs Tab
Writing on green lab practices
An IEMA Fellowship for helping to pioneer sustainable laboratories in the UK


Leilani Beltran| Associate

Leilani brings expertise in scientific research, laboratory management, and procurement.  She was an NIH research biologist for 6 years before becoming a senior technician in the Cardiovascular Division at King’s College London (2 years), and subsequently 5 more years as laboratory manager. Recently she transitioned into procurement, and acts as Senior Category Manager for Scientific and Technical Procurement. She is knowledgeable on the sustainability policies of the leading scientific equipment suppliers, and has acted as an auditor for green lab practices in a variety of settings.


Mathew Bennett| Associate

Matthew brings technical expertise, innovation, and knowledge of embedding sustainability in laboratory operation and management. He leads the institutional wide sustainable labs programme at the University of East Anglia using an array of mechanisms for improved efficiency performance. He is an equipment design specialist, working in partnership with manufacturers to bring innovative products with sustainability benefits to the commercial market. Matthew’s work was recognised with a Green Gown Award in Research and Development in 2016, he is a Finalist in the Sustainability Staff Champion category this year.


Ben Murray| Associate

Ben recently completed his PhD in Chemistry from the City College of New York, while simultaneously investigating lab sustainability on campus. Ben's experience in chemistry research has allowed him to identify projects that have strong sustainability opportunities, and is experienced in designing frameworks for sustainability programs. As a researcher himself, he's aware of an investigator's needs, and knows when and where sustainability projects will yield the best returns.