Our Services


Laboratories are unique environments, which require considered and intelligent solutions for improved efficiency and sustainability. We're a flexible team focused on finding the right solution for your environment. Below you will find the services which most customers request. Contact us anytime if you think you require something different or a bespoke solution.


Specialist Auditing & Reporting
Audits are thorough, and review generally how your laboratories operate and how staff and students engage with their environment. They cover space, design, policy, equipment, efficiency, procurement, waste, and any other relevant areas to improved sustainability. Findings are summarized into clear reports, which include estimates on energy savings, payback periods, recommended methods, and summary project lists. 

Teaching & Education
Want your staff and students to learn how to implement green lab principles locally? Get in touch and we can provide on site courses for technicians, lab managers, students, post-docs, facilities managers, and anyone involved with a laboratory (including sustainability professionals). Courses will empower your team to achieve the best results locally.

Project Management
Should you require a dedicated expert to achieve recommendations or a particular project, Green Lab Associates can assist. Hire a team member for a set period to achieve a specified project or set of goals. This will allow you to skip the learning curve associated with some of the more complicated areas, and ensure the quickest implementation of your project. Examples include supporting a refurbishment or building design, a local engagement campaign, policy implementation, or equipment upgrades.

Policy & Design 
Ensuring that improvements are lasting involves ensuring your design and policy reflect best practice, and are utilized accordingly. Get expert advice on what that policy or specification should include, and learn what process facilitates continuous success. Areas covered include procurement, H&S, laboratory design, and research quality. We can also assist in maximizing benefits from existing schemes like BREEAM.