Our Expertise

We recognize that every laboratory environment is unique and offer tailored on-site assessments which will estimate laboratory running costs and CO2 emissions.

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cold storage

Including storage of samples and materials 4C or colder, efficient cold storage results in a wide range of benefits. These include improved sample access and security, energy and procurement efficiencies, and more.


Energy Efficiency

Laboratories are extremely energy intensive. Learn to design and manage the most energy efficient laboratory without compromising on research outputs.



Joined and targeted procurement strategies will ensure your labs have the best possible equipment and materials, at the best price. Learn how this can be improved further through whole-life-costing with consideration to research outcomes.



Often the first consideration for those trying to improve  laboratory sustainability, waste requires a considered and careful approach. Despite this, significant increases in recycling/general waste rates are achievable. Learn how to reduce clinical waste costs and rates through phased improvements and policy change.



Laboratories require practical ventilation services, which achieve a balance between H&S requirements and energy efficiency. Ensure your ventilation strategy considers maintenance, energy, safety, and future needs.


Equipment and Consumables

Managing and using equipment and consumables is the basis of laboratory research. Smart use of assets will result in improved and more comparable results, as well as lower costs and labor.


Design & Policy

Early consideration for sustainable practices can set a laboratory up for savings for decades. Build design specifications that set your labs to be as efficient as possible from the outset. 



The most important asset of any laboratory are its people. Set up your labs so that they bring the best out of those who occupy it, and in return they will bring the best of the lab.


Research Quality

Often the prime concern for those operating in laboratories is the quality and comparability of their results. A failed experiment can represent loss of data, or a waste in resources, and thus is never far from our work Learn how to maximize research quality in alignment with improving the environment.